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Welcome to the Academy of Entrepreneurs

#BossYourEconomy Program

We, at the Academy of Entrepreneurs, have made it our mission to rebuild the economy and empower everyone with the entrepreneurial skills, network & funds to solve all of the problems that COVID-19 brought into our lives.

But we can’t do it alone! We need your help!!!

It is time to turn your ideas into a successful business that rebuilds the economy.

About the program πŸ’‘

βœ“ Start today

βœ“ 100% online

βœ“ 10hr course self-paced where you will learn step-by-step how to become an Entrepreneur

βœ“ Get access to an exclusive Facebook group and connect with change-makers globally

βœ“ Weekly live masterclasses & mentoring with successful Entrepreneurs who will share their most powerful tips and tricks so you can succeed faster

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Welcome to the Boss Your Economy movement!

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A Certificate of Achievement is given upon successful completion of the program

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What will you learn πŸŽ“

Module 1: Turning Problems into an Online Business Opportunity πŸ’‘

Winning Mindset

  • How to become an Emotionally Intelligent Leader in the tech world
  • What is Entrepreneurship?
  • The Entrepreneur Stereotype
  • Entrepreneurship vs Innovation vs Digital Transformation

What makes a great digital business?

  • Problem + Solution + Insight = Business Opportunity
  • e-Commerce Business Models
  • Lean Business Model Canvas

Module 2: Launching into the Market πŸš€

Market Research

  • Identifying your Ideal Customer
  • Analyzing your Competitors

Developing your Idea

  • Designing your Product
  • Choosing the perfect Packaging
  • Working with Suppliers & Manufacturers


  • How to choose the perfect Business Name
  • How to build a successful Proof of Concept
  • How to design your own Logo
  • How to design your own e-Commerce Websites for quick sales conversion


  • Digital vs traditional business
  • Marketing Mix for digital businesses
  • Social Media growths strategies and tools for digital success

Module 3: Getting Customers πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦


  • Revenue Streams: How to Make Money fast online
  • Pricing effectively for the online world
  • How to organize your budget & set goals

Pitching for success

  • The power of Storytelling
  • How to find your first customers online
  • How to turn your online customers into brand ambassadors via social media

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This course is for:

  • First-time entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners that want to digitalize their business to make more money
  • People interested in new sources of revenue
  • People who want to start a business

"I attended the Startup Hackathon at the Academy of Entrepreneurs - a unique program which brought me real-life knowledge of running a business, from startup finances to scaling and improving processes. Love it!"

– Ronaldo, Founder, SydneyHacks

"Academy of Entrepreneurs is my favourite school in the world. It gave me the opportunity to connect with passionate people and learned so much about the entrepreneurial world. I started a business in just 3 days of the course. I love it. I super super recommend it!"

– Bella, Founder, e-Yoga & Mindset

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