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About #BossYourFuture

Designed and curated by the world’s leading entrepreneurs and industry leaders, #BossYourFuture bridges the promise of education with the opportunities and action of the real world.


It brings creativity and innovation into the classroom in which students demonstrate design thinking, finance, and digital skills, applying them to developing business ideas that bring positive impact for people and the planet.


It emphasizes collaboration and knowledge exchange in which students are immersed in activities that enable them to solve problems and launch innovative solutions together. 

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Be part of #BossYourFuture

#BossYourFuture is the future of education designed to transform your students into entrepreneurs, leaders, and changemakers whose life purpose and career goals enable them to do good for society while doing well for themselves. 

#BossYourFuture is composed of a series of masterclasses, practical activities and mentorships that can be mapped and embedded in your school’s curriculum. It empowers your students with high emotional intelligence, a growth mindset, the courage to venture on amidst failure, negotiation and sales strategies, finance and budgeting skills for innovators, branding and digital marketing tools, digital literacy, and storytelling and making the winning pitch. 


With our vast entrepreneurship community spanning six (6) continents and a dedicated mentorship network, your students can fast track their entrepreneurial journey to success and positive impact for people and the planet.

We CREATE the future of education TOGETHER!

In an age of digital transformation and the era of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, education should be about transforming students into doers, movers, shakers, problem solvers, disruptors, impact leaders and legacy builders for the good of the people and the planet.

With the Academy of Entrepreneurs as your institutional partner, we will launch programs to transform education beyond 21st century teaching learning and take the leap from:

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We cannot be a traditional school anymore!
We can
#BossYourFuture together!

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